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Custom fitting information page

Why should you be custom fit?

To play your best your clubs must match you. No matter your handicap and skill level the following must be considered.

  •  body size and height

  • Swing style

  • Swing speed and strength

Items that will be  be address

  • length of club

  • shaft weight and flex

  • lie of heads

  • grip style and size

  • head designs to maximize ball flight

The next layer of fitting is to design elements of the clubs to effect ball flight.

  • launch angel

  • spin rate

  • ball speed

Getting the correct combination of these elements​m will be used to maximize distance and control of the golfers shots

What to expect at a fitting

Please bring your current clubs


Upon arrival you will be asked to hit a few ball to warm up while we discus your current ball flight tendencies as well as goals in purchasing new clubs


At this point we will begin to collect data such as swing speed, ball speed, spin, launch angle as well as the load you apply to the shaft.


Based off this information we will then pick club head models and shafts designed to make the necessary improvements to your ball flight. 


Using the fitting club systems we have for each manufacture we are able to put together multiple head and shaft combinations to find the best for your game.

When we have all the fitting elements of your new clubs we will then need to consider the set makeup

  • what irons are included

  • are hybrids needed

  • using fairway wood to fill the gap between the longest iron or hybrid and your driver

  • what wedge lofts are needed to control approach shots

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